ANEC VIII: Breakfast with the experts

Participants to the ANEC VIII conference are invited to come have breakfast with the Experts (Keynote/Plenary speakers) during the Conference on Wednesday 3rd October, 2018 from 06h45 – 07h45 at the AUC Conference Centre.

This social event is specially designed for early career researchers/scientists and students as part of this year’s ANEC VIII conference and the tradition of ANEC Conferences to mentor to early career researchers/scientists and students.

The whole idea is to mentor interested young researchers/scientists through networking and interactions. Do not miss this opportunity. Kindly use the link to select at most Four (4) experts you would like to interact with. This event is FREE and strictly by pre-registration:

Fill the form:

  1. Prof Wilna Oldewage (Texas Tech University, USA. Expert in community nutrition, nutrition throughout the life cycle and food and nutrition security)
  2. Prof Andrew Prentice (MRC Unit, The Gambia at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Expert in the nexus relating iron, infection and anaemia, and the effects of diet on the development of the epigenome in the very early human embryo)
  3. Dr Victor Owino (Nutrition Specialist with the IAEA, Austria. Expert in applying non-invasive stable isotope techniques to design and evaluate nutrition interventions that target all forms of malnutrition.)
  4. Prof Philip Calder (University of Southampton, UK. Expert in research at the interface of nutrition, immunity and inflammation in both life course and translational considerations)
  5. Prof Mary Murimi (Texas Tech University, USA. Expert in Nutrition education, food insecurity and factors that influence dietary behavior, especially among low-income population)
  6. Prof Ali Dhansay (South African Medical Research Council Specialist Paediatrician. Expert in Child and Maternal Health and Public Health Nutrition, with a special interest in Research Integrity, Ethics and Human Rights)
  7. Prof Lawrence Haddad (Executive Director of GAIN. An economist and expert in policy leadership in areas of maternal and child nutrition and Nutrition in general)
  8. Prof Judith Kimiywe (Kenyatta University, Kenya. Nutritionist, Researcher and consultant)
  9. Prof Alan Jackson (Southampton University, UK. Major interest is the biological and social factors that enable optimal growth and development during childhood)
  10. Prof Grace Marquis (McGill University, Canada. Expert in developing integrated strategies that strengthen economic activities and expand knowledge to support health and growth of children living in poverty)
  11. Prof Carl Lachat (Ghent University Belgium. Expert in food and nutrition policies, nutritional epidemiology, planning and project design and nutrition-sensitive interventions)
  12. Prof Henrietta Ene-obong (University of Calabar, Nigeria. Expert in Food Composition, Consumption and Dietary Assessment)
  13. Prof Paul Amuna (Primary Health care Corporation, Qatar. Consultant, International Nutrition & Public Health)
  14. Dr Catherine Leclercq (Nutrition and Food Systems Division, FAO. An expert of food consumption studies and dietary assessment)
  15. Prof Francis Zotor (University of Health & Allied Sciences, Ghana .Public Health Nutrition,)
  16. Dr Carla Cerami (Nutrition Theme MRC Unit The Gambia at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine  focuses on human iron metabolism and nutritional immunity)
  17. Prof Michelle Holdsworth (University of Sheffield (UK).Expert in dietary transitions, changing food environments and policy development in the context of the multiple burdens of malnutrition)
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