Nada Benajiba

Regional Representative in North Africa

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Nada Benajiba is an Assistant Professor and the current Director of Clinical Nutrition Program in Princess Norah University (Riyadh). She is also a Registered Nutritionist (with UK-AfN) for both Nutrition Sciences and Public Health. Nada is also a member of the Joint Research Unit in Nutrition and Food, URAC 39 (Ibn Tofaïl University - CNESTEN) Regional Designated Center of Nutrition (AFRA/IAEA) Rabat-Kénitra (Morocco).

Nada is known as being the “mover-shaker” of stakeholders mobilization to promote Nutrition in Africa. As such, in 2007, Nada co-founded the “Programme de Leadership Africain en Nutrition” for French speaking candidates. She was also a member of AGSnet. Nada can communicate fluently in 4 languages: Arabic, French, English and Spanish. She is an alumni of ANLP (African Nutrition Leadership Program) in 2002 and SLAN (Latin America Leadership program 2006).

Nada holds a PhD in Nutrition from Ibn Tofail University (Morocco) and had post-doctoral position in Cordoba University (Spain), has large academic and community experience in her country and abroad. She is the responsible of international relationships in the Moroccan Society for Nutrition, Health and Environment. She has various publications and is actively involved in research in Nutrition and is collaborating with various institutions.

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