Our Projects & Initiatives

ANS seeks to build a research and projects portfolio through the award of a certain percentage of its conference proceeds to the local organizing committee to undertake a specifically named project and to report the outcomes to the next conference. To support this process and other new projects, ANS seeks to identify funding partners to support research and capacity building projects and activities.


Africa Nutritional Epidemiology Conference

The Africa Nutritional Epidemiology Conference (ANEC) is the Flagship event of the African Nutrition Society, organized biennially in different African countries with the partnership of local nutrition societies. ANS Awards and Fellowships The Nevin Scrimshaw Award Instituted in 2008, this is a prestigious award conferred on individuals who have a proven track record of distinguished services […]

African Nutrition Matters

African Nutrition Matters is a quarterly newsletter published by the African Nutrition Society. The newsletter is managed and edited by a team of young dedicated nutrition experts. Electronic copies of the newsletter are published online and freely available on the African Nutrition Society’s website and hosted on issuu.com. Feel free to use the comments below to send feedback and suggestions […]

eNutrition Academy

The eNutrition Academy (eNA) provides online courses in nutrition free of charge via Camberidge University Press e-learning platform. The first course available is ‘Assessment of Dietary Intake for Individuals’. More are to follow.

African Journal of Nutrition