Sisay Sinamo Boltena

Secretary General

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Dr. Sisay has a doctorate Degree in Medicine from Addis Ababa University Medical Faculty and a Master of Public Health degree and PhD holder in Public Health Nutrition from University of the Western Cape South Africa with a broad range of experience in developmental and emergency health and nutrition projects/programs, strategic and technical leadership across the continent. He worked with diverse teams in Africa and globally in program/projects design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and nutrition governance and coordination. Moreover, he is experienced in staff management, mentorship and capacity building in Africa in the past 19 years.

While working with World Vision International Sisay has worked in multi-country and multi-sector programs design and technical support, establishing partnership and networking with major health and nutrition national, regional and global organizations and to ensure quality and global standards during program implementation in the continent. He made major contribution in the development of nutrition action plans, strategies, policy as well as institutionalization of emergency nutrition program (CMAM, CMAM database, IYCF in emergency, coverage and SMART, community-based nutrition) across 26 Africa countries and its effective operationalization while working with World Vision. This has enabled to understand the Africa nutrition landscape and the nutrition leadership needs across the continent.

Sisay is active leadership member of the Food and Nutrition Society of Ethiopia and takes proactive role in facilitating various tasks the society is undertaking. Sisay is also a member of the Africa Nutrition Society since the third ANEC and has played critical leadership role while Ethiopia hosts the ANEC 8. In addition he served as East Africa Coordinator role for ANS Sisay has closely worked with food and nutrition society leaders in East Africa. Sisay is an Africa Nutrition Leadership Program alumini and among the founding members of Ethiopian Nutrition Leaders Network. Sisay has been instrumental in linking the ANS with Africa Union and the society representation in various forums that AUC organizes including the African Day of Food and Nutrition Security.

Sisay has strong inter-personal communication skills, is able to build a team and work with a team from various socio-cultural background. Sisay took part in various national, regional and international conferences and made presentations and published various program and research articles. Sisay mentored/is mentoring various PHD, Masters Students in Ethiopia and abroad who worked/is working their thesis in Ethiopia enrolled in Ethiopian and universities abroad. Sisay also provided technical leadership for program in fragile and developmental contexts in nine East African Region countries. Sisay has a wide range of networks with country focal persons, researchers, international NGOs, UN family, donors and foundations in Africa and globally. Since July 2017 Sisay joined Seqota Declaration (SD) Federal Program Delivery Unit at MoH Ethiopia as Senior Program Manager. Seqota Declaration is an innovative government of Ethiopia commitment to end stunting among children under 2 years in 2030.

Professional Affiliations

  1. Food and Nutrition Society of Ethiopia

  2. Ethiopian Public Health Association

  3. African Nutrition Society

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