2nd Call for Abstracts (1st June – 31st July, 2024). The 9th Africa Nutrition Conference (ANEC IX)

The Ghana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (GAND) is proud to host the 9th Africa Nutrition Conference  (ANEC IX) from Monday 7th – Friday 11th, October, 2024, in Cape Coast, Ghana, under the theme, “FOOD AND NUTRITION IN A CHANGING WORLD: Implications for nutrition security and health in Africa

The Africa Nutrition Conference Scientific Committee calls for its second part of the submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations from 1st June, which ends on 31st July 2024, in the following sub-themes:

Please note: the subthemes are now collapsed into tracks. In submitting the abstracts, choose the tracks that your sub-themes fit into.

Track 1: Food Systems and Nutrition in Africa

Food systems transformation is a major area of global health and nutrition security interest. In this track, key focus areas include:

  • Monitoring and tracking food systems transformation
  • The food environment and their implications for health and disease
  • The nutrition transition in the context of Africa’s food environment and non-communicable diseases
  • Climate Change and Food in the Circular Economy
  • Traditional Knowledge, promotion and transformation of Africa’s indigenous food resources and their implications for the food industry 

Track 2: Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing

This theme will explore issues relating to nutrition across the lifecycle in health and disease including pre-pregnancy maternal, infant and young child nutrition, Immuno-nutrition in health and disease, and nutrition in the management of diseases.

Key focus area include:

  • Food, nutrition security and the developmental origins of health and disease
  • Hidden hunger – Micronutrient nutrition /deficiency in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • School Health and Nutrition (beyond the first 7,000 Days)
  • Epidemiological trends in nutrition and lifestyle-related chronic diseases including cancers in Africa
  • Nutrition in the therapeutic management of disease
  • New technologies and nutrition surveillance methodologies and the quality and reliability of measurements for nutrition monitoring, decision-making and policy

Track 3: Training and Capacity-Building for Nutrition

This theme will cover education, training and professional practice in the fields of nutrition and dietetics across Africa.

Key focus areas include:

  • Pedagogical issues and harmonization of nutrition and dietetics curricula in Africa
  • Current global trends and shifts in education and training emphasis and scope.
  • Country experiences on training, licensure and nutrition and dietetics professional practice.
  • Nutrition education and communication in professional practice 

Track 4: Special Events

(Debates/Roundtables/Panel Discussions Nutrition Governance in Africa; the African Diaspora in Nutrition)

This track will feature Expert Panel/Round Table discussions and a debate on cross-cutting contemporary issues with policy implications at national and regional levels

Track 4A: A Roundtable Discussion: Nutrition governance in Africa

Key focus areas:

  • What is important for nutrition governance in Africa?
  • New directions and roles of Centres of Excellence for Nutrition in Africa: generating research evidence for policymakers
  • Exploring policies, national, regional commitments, targets,
  • Nutrition leadership
  • Challenges and opportunities 

Track 4B: A Debate: The African Diaspora and Nutrition Training and capacity-building

Key focus areas include:

  • African scientists and experts in the diaspora – “Brain drain or brain gain”?
  • Contributions of Africans in diaspora to the Nutrition landscape in Africa.
  • Challenges and opportunities for collaboration and building research, leadership and advocacy capacities

The old sub-themes are organized into the tracks this way:

Track 1: Food Systems and Nutrition in Africa
Tracking Food Systems Transformation
The Food Environment
Food in the Circular Economy
Climate Change, Nutrition and Food Security
Traditional Knowledge and Africa’s Food Resources

Track 2: Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing
Nutrition Related Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD)
School Health and Nutrition
Nutrition and Cancer in Africa

Track 3: Training and Capacity-Building for Nutrition
Nutrition and Dietetic Professionals’ Training and Practice in Africa

Track 4: Special Events
Debates/Roundtables/Panel Discussions
Nutrition Governance in Africa
The African Diaspora in Nutrition

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