Call for Nominations: Secretary-General of the African Nutrition Society (ANS)_


(15th May 2024)

Call for Nominations

The African Nutrition Society Trustees hereby grant membership of the Society the opportunity to send in nominations for consideration by the Trustees for the following position:

Secretary-General of the African Nutrition Society (ANS)

The duration of the mandate is two years with the possibility of a further two years extension. The following criteria will be applied in selecting the suitable candidate, who will be responsible for ensuring that the activities of the Society are undertaken in accordance with the ANS Constitution and regulatory frameworks of the Society.

The elected person will be wholly accountable to the executives of the Board of Trustees and follows up and reports on business initiated by the Board of Trustees, ANS President and its entire membership in the execution of his/her duties. As a leader and global representative of the ANS, the candidate should, therefore, have the following personal specifications and qualifications:

Personal Specifications

The Secretary General executes, follows up and reports on business initiated by the President and the Governing Board.  In order to take responsibility for all correspondence and issuing all notices, take charge of the minutes of all meetings, safe record keeping of all documents and records that belong to the ANS, and make a report of all matters that come under his/her cognizance for the information of the Executive Council, the Secretary General should:

  • Possess a solid scientific foundation, expertise and experience
  • Good organizational skills
  • Professional communication skills
  • IT literacy (knowledge of software such as Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook, Adobe Programs)
  • Professionalism


A known and respected person well established in the nutrition fraternity.

An active member of the Society with significant contribution to the Society’s work and/or a commitment to the philosophy and agenda of the Society.

An international and regional outlook and evidence of knowledge of and engagement with the nutrition and nutrition related communities.

Be conversant or prolific with social media e.g. twitter, LinkedIn, for promoting the ANS and advancing its key issues.

Preference will be given to a senior academic with a good track record, based in a research or institution of higher learning or a similar experienced individual working in the field who can actively commit sufficient amounts of their time to fulfil the Society’s work.

The chosen candidate must have flexibility to commit the required amounts of their time for ANS duties and activities.

Closing Date for Nominations

All nominations must be signed by the Nominee and seconded by TWO paid up (active) members of the Society and addressed to the ANS Elections Committee via e-mail to: Dr. Habiba Hassan-Wassef  (e-mail: accompanied by a word-processed full personal history (not exceeding 2 pages of A4, Times New Roman font size 12) on or before 10th/July/2024. All applicants must include a one page statement of how they see their role as Secretary-General of ANS. The result of the selection by the Trustees will be announced and published on the ANS website ( and in the IUNS Newsletter “eight” weeks following the date limit of the call for nominations.

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